EXCOM Recommendations to the Reunion Committee as of June 1, 2020

After extensive discussion between the TJRG EXCOM and TJRG Reunion Committee we have weighed all the variables for the current Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic and decided on a second suspension of reunion planning until July 20, 2020 for the October 2020 reunion in Newport, RI. Right now, there are still too many unknowns and the vendors we were negotiating and contracting with are still largely shut down. Slowly the Economy is now starting to return, but it is too early in this process to properly plan. Additionally, the Naval Base is still closed with major restrictions. We are unable to determine the safety of the reunion for our membership at this stage in the pandemic. We estimate that two months are needed to plan the reunion at an accelerated pace, should the decision be made after extensive evaluation in late July 2020 to proceed with the reunion.

Stay Well and Be Safe and we are still looking forward to getting together in October.