Hits on TJ, TJ Casualty

Submitted by: Ray E. Mason, RD1, 66-70 – 4/17/07

CIC port section had the watch and making approach to fire WBLC’s located just north of Cape Mui Ron, North Vietnam. Range to the beach was 4 miles when the first rounds started falling; first hit was reported forward mast. Numerous near misses were reported by lookouts. Actual damage sustained, Littman BTFN – shrapnel in buttocks, condition reported as good. Direct hit on main deck above Supply Office going through the deck and causing damage to the office. Shrapnel in Mt 53 magazine damaging some rounds that some brave shipmates threw over the side. Hit on forward mast took out the SPS 29 waveguide. Lt. L, I still have the CIC unofficial log. Mason RD1