Linebacker II, Last Naval Shot of the WAR

Submitted By: Noel West, TM2, 72-73 – 04/16/07

I saw some names in the 4-7-07 issue that I remembered. Can you forward my e-mail? Jerry O’Rand, TMSN, 69-72. I was Jerry’s replacement in 72 and served on the TJ until 7- 73. Jerry gave me his knife and marlin spike when left the tube deck for the last time. Our office for the TM’s was the “tube shop” which was a fan room with a desk. I also remember George Gillum and LCDR Austin. TJ was skippered by LCDR Pidgeon. I believe the TJ was credited with firing the last naval shot of the war on January 28, 1973 at 0800. TJ fired over 10,000 rounds in 28 days during Linebacker II at the end of the war. I was the editor of the ship’s paper, “Time Out on the TJ” and still have most of the ship’s papers. I also have a copy of the POD from January 28, 1973 with the notice of “Commence Cease Fire, Commence Holiday Routine”